The 10 Best Neck and Shoulder Massagers Reviews in 2020

Best Neck and Shoulder Massagers Reviews

Stress has always been associated with the human body especially in today’s life when technology has taken over the manual jobs that existed earlier. Almost all jobs have become sedentary. Unfortunately, lack of physical exercise isn’t great for your health.

How Does Massage Help?

Massage is the best way to relax your tensed muscles. The benefits of massage are numerous. It not only provides stress relief from pain but also creates a better version of ourselves by improving our mental and physical health. In our busy lives, we forget to give our body an adequate amount of rest. Strained muscles and fatigue make it even worse as most of our jobs require a sedentary lifestyle with hours of sitting in the same position. This, in turn, affects our wellbeing. The worst affected are the neck and shoulders as they go through a lot. Massaging should be included in your general wellness.

  • With the help of massage therapy, your joint mobility and drainage in lymph can significantly improve along with reduced pains and tension in the muscles.
  • The light pressure strokes and high-pressure strokes help rejuvenate your body.
  • The deep tissue massage reaches the deeper layers of your tensed muscles, relieving stress and increasing flexibility.
  • The lymph flow in the body is stimulated by massaging which is supposed to boost the immunity of the body.

The 10 Amazing Neck and Shoulder Massagers You Can Buy Today:

We are in technology days are want everything on the go especially with our busy schedules with no time to spare to go to a massage center. So here is the list of some neck and shoulder massagers that will serve the same purpose as any trained masseuse.

1# Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

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This self-massaging tool comes with detached parts, and you can easily set it up. It is compatible with both the power adapters, i.e. AC and DC. All you have to do it to plug it in whenever and wherever you are. It is so lightweight that you can also carry it while traveling or to your office. and it’s a good gift for parents and friends.


Protection from Overheating: The fact that this massager runs for a specific time ensures that it does not overheat or cause any accidental damage to itself. The ideal time is 20 minutes for which it can be used. Even if it is used for more than this time, it is designed to turn off automatically. When you have to use it again, you can hit the ON button. This feature is significant as it ensures the safety of the device.

3D Rotation Option: It is quite interesting to note that this device can freely rotate itself in a three- dimensional manner. The fact that it is so flexible makes it easy to carry anywhere with you while traveling. The device is a U shaped massaging tool which is designed in a way that it can be used for multiple body parts. The device is also equipped with various rollers that help in relieving pain from the leg muscles and in turn, relaxing the entire body.

Full Body Relaxation: The device has more than one use. It mainly works on the upper back section of the body which goes through the worst torture in your everyday life because everyone has a sedentary job requiring hours of sitting in one posture. It then relieves the tension in your lower back which is useful as it gets stressed due to exercise. Naipo Shiatsu massager works on your reflex points and further helps in relieving stress in various other muscles with its heating feature. Since it has multidirectional nodes, it is also known to help in curing migraines.

You can adjust the intensity: The device supports three speeds, i.e. high, medium and low and therefore the intensity button can accordingly be adjusted, keeping in mind the kind of tension present in your muscles.

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  • It is very user-friendly
  • It relieves pain instantly
  • Very lightweight


  • Quite costly
  • The belts tend to come off loose

2# Gideon Shiatsu Massage Pillow

Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat

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What is more exciting than a massager that is also a pillow? Say goodbye to the neck pains in those long hour flights with this massager handy.


Multiple rollers: The device comes with eight rollers in total which can be plugged into AC and car chargers. Shiatsu products are known for simulation of reflex points which then increases the intensity of the massage and relieves the stress in your muscles. The rotation of the rollers is in different directions.

You can either put the cushion on the headrest of your car or the chair. This helps in focusing directly on the neck muscles. The device offers utmost comfort and will feel as if a masseuse is doing so. The intensity can be increased from low to medium and then high as per your desire.

Caters to everyone’s need: It comes with individual belts which are multipurpose and help in relaxing the muscular tension specifically in the back and knee areas which cannot be reached otherwise. This way it is best suited for people who are overweight or are suffering from spinal or joint pain issues.

Women with cellulite, muffin tops, and edema will get instant relief as it targets these problem areas like thighs, hips, and stomach.  The device provides for warmth and improves the blood circulation in the joint areas.

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  • Shuts off even when it slightly heated.
  • Best suited for spinal and joint pains
  • Aids in sleeping better
  • Made of comfortable material


  • Priced higher as compared to other pillow massagers.

3# Medcursor Shiatsu Kneading Massager

Medcursor Neck and Shoulder Massager

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Everyone likes a kneading massage every once a while. Why do you need to go to a spa though when you can have the same experience right in your home? The device is designed for deep tissue massages that your body requires after hours of work which tends to cause stress in the muscles.


Multifunctional massage: The fact that it caters to areas like the neck, back, shoulders and legs make it better than any other device. It serves you just like a regular massage therapy session in real time.

Programmable functions: You can control the intensity of the massage you want as it provides for Swedish slow stroke techniques that penetrate deep into your connective tissue and increases blood flow. Medcursor Shiatsu Kneading Massager is designed with bidirectional rollers that are very user-friendly even if you do not read the instructions. Simply turn them on using ON/OFF and adjust their speed after some time.

Safety is ensured: The fact that the device is made of leather and medical- grade fabric ensures the safety of the product and provides for utmost safety to the user. The massaging belts are designed in a manner that it initiates control overheating which safeguards your skin from burns. Even if you tend to fall asleep, the massager will turn off after a certain period of time, so you need not worry at all.

Ergonomic Design: It is a perfect fit on your shoulders while it handles help in controlling the pressure. The fit can be adjusted with different body sizes. Overall, the look of the device is basic and apt for any surroundings.

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  • Made of the good quality fabric of medical-grade
  • The Swedish technique massage helps with muscle injuries
  • 100% safe to use without causing any skin burns.


  • Using them in one fixed position

4# NURSAL 3D Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

NURSAL 3D Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

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If you are looking for a gift, the Nursal Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager will show your loved ones how much you care for their well-being!


Rollerballs: With a total of 4 kneading balls, the device will work on the soreness of your body, whether it be the neck, shoulders, or your back and lower back. You can even use it on your foot, and legs. It releases stress and muscle tension from the entire body at once.

Intensity can be adjusted: the neck pad is very comfortable and has the low, medium and high-intensity levels to apply the right kind of pressure needed by your body.

2 Massage Directions: You will have the experience of a real-time massage as the device comes with bi-directional movement controls. After every minute it will automatically reverse its direction to work on all the muscles at once which in turn increases blood circulation.

Provides Warmth: The heat feature provides warmth in the neck and shoulder area to target stress.

Portable and Durable: With a wall adapter and car charger included, you can have a blissful massage therapy anytime anywhere. The best part is that it can be carried anywhere while traveling in the bag which is included with the product.

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  • Deep kneading rollers provide relaxation
  • Made of medicated material of good quality
  • Very lightweight
  • Best for sports injuries or any injuries caused by strength training


  • It is highly priced
  • Automatic shut off after every 15 minutes can be irritating at times

5# RENPHO Cordless Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

RENPHO Cordless Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

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If you want a massager that will last you long, do consider investing in this device. With about 3.5 hours of a power-packed therapy, you will feel rejuvenated!


Battery and Portability: The device is cordless and easy to carry anywhere. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about having a socket nearby, and you can sit anywhere or even lie down and enjoy your massage. It has a built-in 2600mAh battery with higher capacity of time of 3.5 hours and can also be recharged within minutes of usage.

Efficiency: The device comes with 8 deep nodes in a 3D rolling ball design which will target deep into the soreness and stiffness of your muscles. It also works as a full body massager with a focus on back muscles, legs, thighs, calves, and feet area. It is not one of those cheap devices that result in pain afterward. Instead, it will leave you with a warm relaxing sensation.

Added Infrared Light and adjustable intensity: The intensity can vary from high to medium to low and can be automatically adjusted by the device. You can also increase it manually if you feel the need. The light tends to increase the blood flow and can be switched on or off if not needed.

High-quality motor with safety design: The device is designed to shut off after every 15 minutes for safety in case of overheating.

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  • Lasts longer
  • Its 3D rollers are effective as compared to cheap massagers in the market that generally cause pains.
  • It is cordless and rechargeable


  • The light is too bright
  • It is highly priced

6# Nekteck Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

Nekteck Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

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This massager will be one of your best investments for your health and wellness. It is so light and portable that you can even gift one to your family and friends without a doubt!


Deep Kneading Massage Heads: It is equipped with a total of 8 deep-kneading shiatsu massage heads which are designed to target the tension in your joints.

Portability: It includes a free adapter for your car and is easy to be carried on the go.

Heating: It provides warmth to your skin which penetrates deep inside the muscle tissue to relieve stress. This heating feature is manual, and you can turn it off if you feel the need. Regardless of this, it is entirely safe to use.

Multiple speed control: The device is designed to rotate itself in different directions, and you can control the speed ranging from low to medium and high.

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  • Protects your skin against heat, unlike other cheap massagers.
  • The manual heating feature allows you to control it if you do not need warmth.
  • It is affordable


  • It is quite heavy
  • The parts cannot be detached

7# FIVE S FS8801 Deep Tissue 3D Kneading Shiatsu MassagerFIVE S FS8801 Deep Tissue 3D Kneading Shiatsu Neck

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If your budget is slightly low, only then go for this massager. Being cheap, it is quite effective and will ease your pain in an instant!


Not cordless: This device features number seven on our list due to the only reason that it is not cordless and lacks a battery but includes an adapter suited for your car, home, and office. You will need to plug it in wherever you go. But just like every other massaging device, it will soothe your pain in just minutes of use.

Deep Tissue Massage: It has 8 rollers which will penetrate deep inside the muscular tension providing warmth. You can simply turn off the heat manually. With 3 speeds and bi-directional movement, this device is best suited for neck, shoulders, back, waist, arms, and legs. The automatic shutdown will occur within 15 minutes when the device will show signs of overheating. The device comes in two colors, i.e. black and beige.

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  • Good for people who are looking to buy a massager for a short period
  • It won’t result in pains or headaches unlike many other cheap massagers available in the market.
  • In spite of being affordable, it looks very aesthetic.


  • Not cordless
  • No battery included

8# MaxKare Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Massager for Instant Relief

MaxKare Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Massager

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The MaxKare Shiatsu Massager is the best device to relieve soreness around the neck and shoulders after a long day of work! It is so effective that you won’t be able to feel the difference in real time massage therapy.


Best gift for your family: The massager will ensure the overall wellness of your family as it is deemed fit to use for cervical issues. A budget-friendly tool, you can consider gifting it to your loved ones.

Great compatibility: The MaxKare massager is compatible with AC and DC adapters and best suitable to carry it anywhere you go.

Hand Kneading Massage: With just 15 minutes of use, it will feel as if some trained hands are taking care of your massage therapy session in real time. Just like every other massager, it is bi-directional, and the 8 rollers can be used to relieve stress in muscle tissues.

Full Body Relaxation: The massager focuses on your neck and shoulders but can be used everywhere for a relaxing experience.

Medicated material: The massager is approved by UL and FDA and is made up of medicated material. The mesh design in PU leather is best suited for skin. It is breathable and will feel light while you wear it.

Protection from Overheating: The automatic shutting down feature protects your skin from burns and marks and guarantees 100% safety.

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  • Made of breathable material
  • Safe to use
  • Very Affordable


  • Specifically designed for neck and shoulders and not that effective for full body massage.
  • It is slightly heavy in weight

9# Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager

Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager

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This device is not just a massager, but the most comfortable pillow. What is even better is that it can be easily carried while flying!


3D Kneading Nodes: The 3-dimensional deep kneading nodes are designed to release the stress from tight and overused muscles like lower back, calves, shoulders, legs, and feet.

Automatic: With a design to change directions after 1 minute of being in use, the device will produce heat to give you a feeling of warmth which will further provide you with comfort.

Perfect fit: The Zillion Shiatsu Back and Neck massager is a flexible device suited for all body types and is accompanied with multipurpose handle straps that are adjustable as you massage the different body parts. You can simply attach the massager to your pillow or chair.

Auto Shut-Off feature: The device has an auto shut-off feature that will simply turn off the device after every 20 minutes of use. There is no need to worry as the device comes with UL approved power adapters and medicated padding that will not let you feel the overheating.

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  • Suitable to carry and can connect with an adapter
  • Budget-friendly
  • The quality is very good and lasts you longer.
  • It can be cleaned


  • Straps tend to come off loose

10# Yue Ying 3D Shiatsu Back Shoulder Neck Massager Belt

3D Shiatsu Back Shoulder Neck Massager

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If you are simply looking for a belt, the Yue Ying 3D belt will suit your needs. It is easy to wear it even when you are out as it looks like a normal belt and does not attract attention.


Cures pain instantly: This belt is suitable for you if you are suffering from strains, pains, backache, fatigue, and soreness in the muscles.

Comfortable for every body type: It will provide you with utmost comfort as it is made of good quality PC leather which tends to feel light on the skin and is breathable.

Provides warmth to the skin: It focuses on every muscle group which has soreness. The heating option is automatic as well as manual.

Easy to carry: It is very much portable as it comes with AC and DC adapters with no additional cost.

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  • Go for it only if you are really low on budget.
  • Helps with muscle strains.
  • Made of good quality leather
  • It will last you longer.


  • It is a belt and not a massager
  • No automatic shut-off option.

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Really, Do You Need Massage?

Massages aren’t just meant for those who are stressed out. Since it increases the blood flow in the body, massaging is a must for pregnant women as research has shown that the delivery process becomes easy and less painful if massaging is done within the course of their pregnancy.

Some Important Points to Consider Before Buying Neck and Shoulder Massagers:

Massagers are known to reduce pains and help in improving blood circulation along with mobility. Often, headaches occur when your neck muscles are strained. However, before buying one, you must look for these essentials:


The most important thing is the time period it will last you. Shortlist the ones you think are worth buying. Then, read all the reviews online on multiple websites and see if it can last long or for at least the time that the company claims. Look for warranties. Do not shy away from contacting the reviewers to get to know about their experience.


Massagers are meant for offering relaxation and relief from stress. You don’t need to buy any one. A device may be meant for a single body part specifically or may provide multi-purpose nodes for full body massages.

Often, the padding provided in massagers that are priced cheap is not of good quality. Go for massagers that have comfortable padding and are flexible enough to rotate three-dimensionally so that it can be used anywhere.


Buying a massager is a long term investment. Go for good quality products that will last you long. Even if you buy a cheap one, it is most likely need to be repaired after a certain period as the quality might not be as good. The best way is to buy a good quality device overlooking the price if your budget allows you to.


The most important thing is that the device you are buying must have both AC and DC adapters. Additionally, the parts must be easily detachable to carry them with ease. You will need a case to ensure the safety of the device and avoid breakage while you are traveling – so check if you get one it for free while buying one.


You are likely to carry it to places, so why not make it look a tad little good too?

Which One’s the Best?

If you are looking for a neck and shoulder massager that does the trick, you can choose any of them. However, we like the Zyllion shiatsu neck and back massager a tad bit much. It’s got an auto shut off feature and a comfortable fit too. With the 3D kneading nodes, you get a massage like no other. What’s your favorite one on the list?

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