Do Vibration Machines Help You Lose Weight?

Do Vibration Machines Help You Lose Weight

m A sedentary life in a corporate building, white collared jobs and hypnotizing workload? Your body is probably the best refuge that layers of fat can find! Along with it, creep in obesity and a series of maladies.

It is necessary for you to beat the blues, isn’t it? A little bit of exercise, fitness regimes infused in your lifestyle makes you a healthier person, with no excess pound of weight on your body. But where is the time for you to escape your monotonous office life and nurture a few moments after your health? Where is the opportunity for you to take a jog or practice a few yoga postures?

Arguments may present themselves, but practically there isn’t much scope. Yet the necessity remains.

Dynamism and technology to come in as a handy companion for us. Tech-giants, realizing your lack of time for fitness activities, brought forth vibration machines that will help you reduce your weight, without waking up the hereditary sloth in you. Let it sleep and lead a sedentary life. Who cares, when merely standing on a machine will help keep the weighing machine pointer from turning clockwise?

How Do Vibration Machines Help You Lose Weight?

How Do Vibration Machines Help You Lose WeightPresently, gyms are embossed with vibration machines, standing on which for ten minutes proves to be as efficient as an hour of laborious physical work. How does this wonder machine work? The basic principle behind this machine is drawn from simple harmonic motions being executed by a horizontal plane at high frequency. The vibrations, induced to our muscles, increase their tone, strength, bone density and even keep the blood sugar level under control.

If you are one among those for whom exercise is prescribed medication but you are unable to perform it owing to various causes, the vibration machine is indeed a boon. From people suffering from cardiovascular diseases to those afflicted with diabetes or breathing difficulty, from those with osteoporosis to menopausal women, who are fragile enough to undertake exercise regularly, vibration machines is a magic wand that reduces weight.

If you ever wanted a multitasker, all in one package fitness technology, that helps you reduce weight, along with keeping diabetes under control, removing fatigue, relieving pains, then whole body vibration machine is the perfect machine you should pounce on.

What is Hypervibe?

What is Hypervibe

Whole-body vibration machines have been creating quite a buzz in the integrated world of medicos and technology. With Hypervibe training you will not be tempted to skip the much-needed warm-up exercise necessary for you.

Reap countless benefits from Hypervibe whole-body vibration training. Enhance your strength, tone of muscles, bone density, circulation and flexibility. The machine the perfect fusion of technology with traditional machines. It consists of an oscillating platform, which induces regular and periodic pulses of vibrational energy to your muscles.

The waves align the coordination of your body and bring about toned strengthened muscles, reduced weight, enhanced circulatory system and also contributes to reducing stress and fatigue. It sets your muscles to a high level of activation and causes regular contraction and relaxation, coupled with reflex contractions that tone your muscles and keep them strong.

The Hypervibe training is passive and you reap the benefits of a gym session without actually lifting loads. It is more of a passive training that increases the gravitational forces on your body, thus making you feel heavier.

The Top Advantages of Hypervibe

Take a sneak peek at the numerous advantages that Hypervibe training has in store for you-

Improve the strength and tone of your muscles

If your sedentary work is affecting your posture, get it corrected by whole-body vibration therapy.

Increase bone density

A research conducted by Russian scientists has shown how astronauts can regain bone density by therapeutic whole-body vibration.

Lose excess weight

Shed the extra fat that got deposited beneath your skin by burning it out without any sweat, huff or puff. Let the Hypervibe training do the trick.

Balance your hormonal levels

Keep your hormones working properly and get your endocrine glands functioning effectively.

• Flaunt your flexibility

Lose the fat and keep fit. Enhance your flexibility and rock the stage.

Improve Circulation

Get your fluids in regular motion with aid of the whole-body vibration training. Harbour all these benefits in a dramatically short time. There is a reason behind giving much ado to this machine, isn’t it?

Quite a long list that will make you go spell out to think about how technology can make passive standing yield so many fruitful results!

Do Vibration Plates Burn Belly Fat?

Do Vibration Plates Burn Belly FatThe excess fatty layer beneath your skin, between the organs that makes you flabby and obese poses potential harm to your health. Apart from ruining the dynamics of your figure, it can cause severe disease affecting your general well-being.

Burn the fat and shed off the excess weight. A survey shows that a controlled diet, coupled with vibration machines, proves to be more effective than sole dependence on traditional gym machines.

Spending a mere 15 minutes each day for three days a week can bear productive results if done in the right manner under proper supervision. If continued for a span of 3 months, it can reduce abdominal fat significantly.

If you are a strong type A personality, obsessed with facts, data, survey and check tests, then here is a brief detailed experiment that was carried out to analyze the effects of this new age fitness technology.

What do Experiments Say?

An experiment conducted on normal mice and genetically engineered obese mice were conducted. The effect of treadmill and vibration machine was observed. The vibration machine projected more successful outcomes. However, the effects on man and the pros and cons of all types of vibrations are yet to be tested.

The European Congress on Obesity also conducted an experiment of four groups of people-

  1. One group was given a diet to follow and asked not to perform any exercise for the upcoming six months
  2. Another group was given the same diet and also asked to exercise regularly
  3. The third group was subjected to diet intervention, conventional exercise and vibration plates.
  4. The last group was used as a control set up, merely being there for reference.

After six months, it was found that the vibration group had lost 11i% of the body weight, the most encouraging outcome among all the four groups. They also got rid of 47.8 square centimetres of fat.


The results made groundbreaking changes in the model of the fitness industry, which revolutionized into a digitalized fitness and health sector. However, scientists still wish to carry out the survey on a colossal number of people to get the exact statistics of the success rate of the machine and to observe if any side effects are produced due to the high-frequency oscillations.

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How Do Machines Shed Fat?

The ripples of vibration set to your body will cause the muscles to contract reflexively and then relax. This occurs repetitively, while you stand on a plate, pulling yourself against a stronger gravitational force due to the vibrations of the machine. This tones your muscles and strengthens the fibres, while burning the calories and excess bad fat that has been forming realms beneath your skin, in your belly and between your visceral organs that are potentially dangerous for your health. Burn the fat and lead a healthy, fit life.

How Long Should You Go On A Vibration Plate For?

If you want a panacea for all sorts of malaise that afflict you, including reduced flexibility, obesity, diabetes, chronic pain or stiff joints, “Vibration Machines” might be the perfect fitness technology for you. Chop off your old diseases and get a new rejuvenated start to a smart, fit and better life!

Indecisive about the time you should spend on the machine? Or do you want a biomarker that would indicate the right amount of intensity of vibration? Use your pulse rate as a guideline. Biomedical statistics hint that the fat burning process starts when your pulse rate is about 65% of the maximum rate. You can achieve this with a bit of warm-up exercise within the first few weeks.

How Long Should You Spend on it?

Spending a mere 30 minutes on the oscillation plate for 3 times per week can give you the necessary initial requirements to set the intensity of vibration at a level that can burn your fat. You will achieve this when your heartbeat is about 70-85% of the maximum pulse rate.

Now, coming to the most important eye-catching query that has propped up in your mind? What is the amount of dividend you get back when you invest your shares? Or articulated simply, how many calories do you burn on investing one hour of your precious time standing on the vibration machine?

When the vibrational energy gets transmitted to your sinews, the muscle fibres get stronger and your muscle mass increases. The main reason behind weight loss is shredding out any excess fat and replacing it with stolidly built muscles. Muscles burn more calories than fat. Hence the entire objective of the vibrations is to lower your fat content and improve the muscle power.

Although the amount of calories being burnt depends on the type of exercise being performed, with aerobic exercise topping the list of all workouts on vibration machines that ace at muscle building and reducing weight, a rough estimate shows that you can burn between 200 to 500 calories per hour. So, spend 15 minutes on your vibration machine and get some 50 to 125 calories burnt, the spectrums given for the type of exercise you would perform on the oscillating plate.

What is a ZAAZ Machine?

When a whole body vibrates, the oscillation is tri-planar. Sometimes the vibrations tend to have too great an impact on the brain, eyes, and head. It may also pose potential damage to joints.

Deluded by this news? Heartbroken to hear that your passive way of weight loss comes with mal effects on your well-being? Worry not! Technology is there to unleash the ZAAZ Oscillation Vibration (OV) machine to compensate for the shortcomings of vibration machines.

How does the ZAAZ Machine Benefit You?

Gentle and advanced, ZAAZ does not produce any buzzing due to high-intensity vibrations. ZAAZ Machines create alternating movements from left to right, which causes high-intensity movements.

This enhances the blood circulation in our body and synchronizes the two hemispheres of the brain and the cerebellum. The risk of disbalance that one faces on a triplanar vibration machine is avoided on a ZAAZ machine.

It automatically makes your muscles respond in a way that you can rebalance yourself on the plate. It is also armed with a frame to provide support when the muscles of your entire body are in vibrational motion.

The ZAAZ machine makes the gravitational pull stronger on you and you have to pull yourself twice as hard, making the muscles more toned and help you shed the extra weight you have gained.

ZAAZ accelerates weight loss by burning calories and stimulates fat burning. The massaging effects make your muscles contract and release genty, increasing flexibility. The motion therapy of ZAAZ provides relief for stiff joints and pains.

Increase your vitality, oxygen intake, circulation and the lymphatic system just by standing on the ZAAZ machine. Whether you are looking for relief from chronic pains, or you want to lose weight easily or want to test your fitness score, ZAAZ fitness technology will empower you to transform your body in very less time with very little effort.

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Should You Wear Shoes on a Vibration Plate?

Should You Wear Shoes on a Vibration Plate

Let the vibrations of the machine skim through your feet to your body and rejuvenate the circulation system and the muscles. Derive the fullest advantages from the machine by standing barefoot on the oscillation plate.

Do not wear shoes unless it is compulsory for you due to the impairment of the feet. The shoes do not let the entire vibrations seep into your body and reduces the integrated effect of the vibrations of the plate. If you want to reap the entire therapeutic effects of the Whole Body Vibration Therapy, keep your shoes off.