How To Live Longer & Stay Healthy? (100% May Surprise You)

How To Live Longer & Stay Healthy

We all want to live a longer, happier and healthier life, don’t we? As we get older, not only does our body get tired, our immunity system also gets weaker. All of this, along with stress and erratic sleep schedule can take a toll on our health and affect our lifespan. Thus, we have got just the right tips for you to live a longer and healthier life.

1# Turn the Cigarette off

Quit Smoking

All of us have heard, read, understood, and even known for a fact that smoking kills. Yet somehow, we’re unable to kick off this bad habit. Smoking may not show its effects when you’re younger but as you grow older, it may result in cancer or permanently damage your lungs. Studies have shown that quitting by the age of 30 can add 10 years to your life. Thus, it is never too late.

2# Nap Along

Nap Along

Our hectic work schedules make it extremely difficult for us to get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep can reduces the risks of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and more. Sleeping for at least 7 hours also helps you recover faster. However, if you’re unable to get enough rest, you can always nap whenever you get time.

3# Keep Moving


If you want to lead a longer and healthier life, make exercise your best friend. It has been proven that people who exercise regularly are physically and mentally fit. Along with that, it also reduces risks of heart disease, obesity, stroke, and a few forms of cancer.

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4# Eat Well

Eat Well

A healthy body gives you a healthy mind and gives you a longer life. We all have heard that food isn’t for the body but for the soul. Thus, one shouldn’t restrict one of the most basic joys of life on a platter of merely fruits and vegetables. Eating fresher, and nutrient rich foods are crucial to your overall health, but it isn’t advised to overdo it.

5# Make Friends

Make Friends

A strong social circle to interact with has shown to make people live longer. Having friends or people who you can enjoy conversing or going out to play a key role in keeping you happy. Thus, they make your life longer. However, one must be careful while choosing their friends as stronger social circles also possess a stronger influence. Habits like smoking are common amongst a group of friends due to this reason.

6# Think Things Through


People who always have a plan or have strategic mindsets, ten to live longer than the ones who don’t. The former is good at predicting the possibilities in every situation and thus, know what will work out for them. Therefore, paying attention to every detail helps a lot with this.

7# Get rid of the negativity

Get rid of the negativity

One can either attract negativity through their action or surround themselves with negative people. It is therefore, advised to reach out to someone when you’re unable to get rid of any negativity in someone’s life. Other negative qualities like keeping grudges with people also adds to the bad health of the brain.

8# Build close relationships

Build close relationships

Science says that people who build close relationships or get married etc. are more likely to lead a longer life. The pain related to loneliness and feeling of alienation is proven to be worse than any disease. Thus, having friends, marrying, or having children will bring emotional stability to your life and make you healthier. Even if your friends or children move away, you can meet new people or get a pet. Companionship and feeling of being loved increase average life expectancy of a person.

9# Lose weight

Lose weight

Overweight and obese people face a lot of health problems including potential diabetes, heart disease, thyroid, and many others. These problems are grave and can take years out of your life. Therefore, concentrate on getting rid of that extra fat on your belly and sides. Exercising and including more fiber in your diet can help.

10# Discover Spirituality

Discover Spirituality

Discovering your spiritual side can have numerous positive effects on your health. Studies have shown that people who’re religious or meditate tend to live longer than the ones who don’t. A strong social sense while worshipping together plays a key role in strengthening your mind and immune system.

11# Manage Stress

Manage Stress

Whether you work or not, stress isn’t something you can escape. Stressing interfere with your sleep cycle can impact your weight and your physical and mental health. Therefore, it is imperative to learn how to manage day-to-day stress before it becomes a bigger problem. Methods like yoga, meditation, deep breathing, listening to music, etc. help in reducing stress.

12# Don’t drink to get drunk

Don’t drink to get drunk

Alcohol, when drunk in moderation can reduce your stress and make you happy as well. However, too much of alcohol increases the fat around your belly, boosts your blood pressure, and can give you heart as well as liver problems. Thus, drinking, if at all should be avoided to minimize the risks but one can have one to two drinks a day.

13# Keep your brain charged

Keep your brain charged

Develop a hobby and give it at least half an hour every single day to keep your brain cells charged. This will give your brain an escape from the daily life and will produce happy hormones. The happier you are, the healthier is the life you will lead.

14# Make your DNA strong

Make your DNA strong

The ends of one’s chromosomes become shorted as they age. This increases the risk of getting sick and speeds the process of aging as well. Therefore, changes in lifestyle and following a healthy diet will repair the damages on a cellular level. Habits like regular exercise can slow the aging process.

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15# Keep the blood pressure in check

blood pressure in check

People get more prone to high blood pressure issues as they age. Hypertension can thus, do a lot of damage to your body and increase the risk of heart problems and put you in danger of stroke. Therefore, as you age, decrease the amount of salt in your diet to keep your blood pressure under control.

Bottom line

To live by a body and brain healthy it’s not easy and not hard also, just need to some controlling and determination, We provide here most popular ways would help you in that.

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