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Maxi Climber Reviews & Best Vertical Climber Machine of 2020

Every person wants to stay in good shape and have a good fitness level. Many people cannot spare time out of their busy lives for fitness workouts. But investing a small time in your routine can help achieve quicker results. This is where purchasing a vertical climber comes into play.

Vertical climbers are used by a number of fitness enthusiasts as an assistance to lose weight, build muscles and tone the body. In fact, it is considered as one of the most effective machines offering an ultimate workout.

Why should you buy a vertical climber?

Vertical climbers are relatively new in the market which often creates doubt in the customers about its effectiveness and efficiency. Many people have not yet realized that it can be highly beneficial and allow you to achieve your fitness goals. It offers a full-body workout so you don’t have to invest in different machines. Nevertheless, here are some of the vertical climber benefits:

  • Better body development

Vertical climbers are perfect for body development, and more specifically lower bodies such as legs, calves, and thighs. Regular exercise can result in a leaner body. It is a reliable and effective form of exercise that can lead to optimal body development. It even has a positive impact on internal organs like heart, lungs and circulatory system.

  • Burns calories

Climber fitness machine is more effective in burning calories that traditional form of exercise i.e. running and walking. The weight is reduced much faster as compared to other workouts. This makes it suitable for people who can invest a limited amount of time for their fitness. Immediate results also motivate the trainee to work harder.

  • Improves heart health

Vertical climbers are also good at improving heart’s health. Not only it is good for boosting metabolism, strengthening muscles, improving endurance and burning fat but also positive for enhancing your cardiovascular health. It increases the engagement of your heart pumping it more and making it healthier.

How to buy the right vertical climber?

Vertical climbers can be an expensive investment. This is why it is important to do some research before buying. Since you will be using this equipment often, you want to make sure that it fits your needs.

There is a variety available in the market for vertical climbers. Before sealing the deal, you need to know what your absolute needs are. Certain functions will help you do the workout out more efficiently but that is not the only thing you must look over. Take into account other factors like size, storage, and price. Adjustment of height is another important factor.

Some vertical climbers come with additional features like a calorie counter and heart rate monitor. This enhances its usability. If you are planning to keep it at home then you need to think about how many people will be using the machine and how often. Read vertical climber reviews in order to get a better and well-informed idea regarding the product.

Vertical Climber Reviews

If you are convinced to buy a vertical climber machine, then you are good to move ahead.  From providing easy workouts to improving muscle strength and operating in a friendly manner to having an ergonomic design, climbers have got all. This piece of equipment is considered highly beneficial amongst fitness trainers.

But getting convinced of the general benefits is not enough. We need to get into the subtle details in order to understand the complete picture. For your convenience, here are top 5 reviews of the best climber machines available in the market.


1. Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

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The Maxi Climber tends to stand out amongst all other pieces of equipment. It comes with an ergonomic design that makes sure that the user is served in a reliable and convenient manner. It has a user-friendly design and is suitable for all kinds of body. The height can be adjusted according to user’s convenience. It even features a personal workout timer that assists in tracking time, speed, distance, and calories burnt.

It comes in a compact folding design which allows you to store it easily when not in use. It is very easy to assemble and use. All these features make it highly desirable amongst customers. Around 500 calories can be burned within an hour with Maxi climber. Maxi climber total body workout can be the best thing one can perform using this ideal machine.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • No additional parts are needed for assembling
  • Range of weight resistance


  • May not be an ideal choice for beginners

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2. Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine

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This is another standardized quality climber that can be ideal for a whole body workout. It is designed to fold easily which makes it easier to store. It provides workouts for low impact aerobic and anaerobic exercises. It is designed in a way to have little impacts on your joints so it is an idea for people with joint concerns.

It has been made using highly durable materials like steel. It is relatively inexpensive to other pieces in the market. The convenient and reliable service offered by this equipment makes it renowned. The ergonomic design comes with stationary and adjustable handles.


  • Slim profile taking as less space as possible
  • Highly durable
  • Easily foldable
  • Height adjustable design


  • Some come with weight limit

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3. Vertical Climber Exercise Climbing Machine

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One important factor we look for when buying vertical climbers is robustness and durability. Merax vertical climber is very well known for that. It is a top rated climber that can be ideal for a total body workout.

This machine is specifically designed for a more intense workout. It allows you to work on triceps, biceps and all of the core muscles at the same time. It even provides a great cardio workout. The handles are ergonomic and have non-stick grips that make it easier for people who sweat a lot while working out.

It is considered as one of the best equipment when it comes to home-fitness equipment. Going over vertical gym reviews will suggest you how reliable this brand can be in all aspects.


  • Adjustable height
  • It provides a sturdy support
  • Easily foldable


  • Pedals are smaller than expected

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4. Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

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This piece of equipment offers a low-impact workout that person of any age and stature can enjoy. It has a compact and lightweight design so you can just place it in the middle of living room and enjoy your favorite TV show while working out. The climber exercise machine is supposed to imitate mountain climbing which then helps to tone thighs, calves, glutes, and hips.

Along with focusing on the lower body, it also gives an amazing cardio workout which burns calories considerably and enhances heart health. It is good for improving stamina and endurance. It comes with a lot of additional features like LCD display which monitors different aspects of your activity.


  • Constructed using heavy-duty steel which maximizes durability
  • Folds up easily for convenient storage
  • Lightweight and compact design


  • May not able to accommodate users over 220 pounds

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5. Ancheer Vertical Climber Climbing Machine

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This is one of the leading brands which have committed to offering their customers in the most optimal way. Climbers are constructed to serve users in a reliable and convenient manner. It is a two-in-one exercise climber that offers a dual workout. It even features an adjustable height allowing people with different heights to use the machine. This makes it versatile.

Apart from this, it comes in an ergonomic design that makes it easier to use. It also features an ISO quality control system which assures quality and reliability of its service.


  • User-friendly design
  • Easily foldable
  • Adjustable height


  • Pedal placement may not be comfortable for some

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There are so many brands available in the market as above mentioned in the reviews. This makes it difficult for a customer to choose the best option. In order to ease your purchasing decision, below are listed some comparisons between different brands of vertical climbers. Read them in order to make a buy an equipment that suits your needs better.

Conquer Vertical Climber vs Maxi Climber

Above is a review of both the climbers in detail. After a deeper analysis of both the equipment, we can say that the only significant difference is of price. There are very few differences in both the equipment. Conquer is priced nearer to $100 whereas Maxi nearer to $200 which is almost a two-fold difference.

Both the machines use single locking pin to secure the base frame. Both machines are easily foldable and simple to assemble. Another similarity hereby is that both machines feature static and movable handles. Both of them gives a total body workout and coming in good build-quality.

However, there is a slight difference after we have evaluated the online reviews. Since both vertical climbers offer several benefits, there is a downside associated with Conquer vertical climber. Even though the essential function is the same, some cables have been frayed for some customers. The traction control on pedals also didn’t allow many customers to use the machine barefoot.

The major attraction factor of Conquer is that it is cheaper than Maxi climber but customers seem to prefer Maxi climber. The main reason for this can be better quality and additional features it offers.

Maxi Climber vs Versa Climber

Versaclimber vs Maxi ClimberVersa climbers are another piece of equipment that is gradually gaining popularity in the marketplace. But is it better the Maxi climber which has already established themselves as a brand and has a good reputation? Here is a comparison.

When it comes to design, Maxi climber features adjustable height settings, isometric grips, and durable steel frame. However, the machine cannot be used barefooted. On the other hand, Versa climber has additional swivel foot paddles and has a better grip. There is a difference in material of quality as well. Versa climber is made out of aircraft quality aluminum which makes it more durable than Maxi climber. When it comes to design, Versa climber outplays Maxi climber.

In the context of display unit and programs, Versa climbers have a better display. There are over 16 programs which makes it more usable than Maxi climber. It is even better when it comes to workout quality. You are likely to achieve all your fitness goals with Versa climber.

But where does it lack? It is not at all surprising that Versa climbers are extremely expensive. Given its wide range of features and the sophistication it entails, it costs higher. Maxi climber is on the other hand cheaper as compared to Versa and offers good value for money. Furthermore, in terms of customer reviews, Maxi climber has one of the best ratings. Versa climber does have positive reviews but the consumer model is simply too expensive for the purchasers to think about.

Although Versa climber can be considered a better machine in many aspects, from an overall point of view, Maxi climber would take the game.

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After going through the complete article, you may have realized that Maxi climbers have made their place in the market. There is no question on that. But one can consider different options as well. It totally depends on your preferences, needs, and objectives. A person who is ready to spend a great deal of money may purchase the most expensive equipment in the market even if it is not worth its value. On the other hand, one may go for an option that is worth the investment.

What matters here is that fitness needs must be met. No doubt all equipment will serve the purpose it is supposed to do but the quality may differ. Reading climbing tree stand reviews may help you to reach a much better decision in all aspects. Although this is not an exhaustive list, it covers enough topics in detail to give you a better idea about vertical climbers.

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