The Best Tens Unit: MEDVIVE Electric Muscle Stimulation Review


The MEDVIVE Electric Muscle Stimulator is an FDA approved tens unit to reduce muscle soreness and discomfort. By generating a sensation around the affected area, it delivers pain relief. You have as many as eight adhesive pads covering the pressure points accurately, giving you better relief.

The Top Featuresreview MEDVIVE Rechargeable FDA Cleared Tens Unit

The MEDVIVE tens unit comes with a device and eight adhesive pads. The adhesive pads come in varying sizes and are easily applicable.

The kit also has all the electric wires needed for the device to work. To carry the device and its wires, you get a wire carry bag.

Additionally, to charge the device, it contains an adapter and USB cable. To store pads after usage, collection boards are also included in the pack.

All these points make it from the best electronic pulse massager tens unit.

How Does it Work?

MEDVIVE Rechargeable FDA Cleared Tens UnitThe working of a tens product is simple; it uses controlled electric current to relieve body pain. Measured control is passed from certain key points, sending the brain a nerve signal to relax the muscle. The MEDVIVE tens unit uses the same procedure to regulate muscular discomfort. Here’s a stepwise description of its functioning,

1. Fully charge the battery by plugging the device to a PC or power outlet using USB Cables or the AC adapter.

2. After unplugging, attach all the wires in the kit to the device.

3. Now, connect wires to the adhesive pads.

4. Remove the plastic sheet from the pad and apply it to the sore area.

5. Plug in the ports to the device and turn it on.

6. Select from 16 modes and 20 intensity levels to regulate the discomfort.

That’s it, reduce pain in 6 simple steps. It is very easy and uncomplicated to use.

The intensity level is low as people are resistant to stronger sensations instantly. With a large LCD screen, moderately monitoring the level of pressure and modes is simple.

Do You Need It?

Individuals with soreness in muscles, joint pain and illnesses can benefit from this tens unit. It is a non-addictive alternative that helps elevate stress and uneasiness.

After an exhausting day, people can relax their muscles using the stimulator. It works as a medical tool as well as an at-home massage treatment. Treating exhausted muscles, it is a reliable option for daily use.

Athletes with strenuous workout plans can make optimum use of the unit. The pack offers therapeutic assistance to people but must not be overused.


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  • The high-quality adhesive pads aim to avoid skin irritation or inflammation.
  • Customers appreciate this simple and easy to use, portable unit.
  • For people encountering muscle or joint pain, it can be comforting. The device tampers nerve signals, so its use must have a limit.


  • The pack sometimes comes without a user manual. Don’t worry though the stimulator is easy to use.
  • It’s only temporary relief, so you will need to use the simulator again.
  • The unit can reduce drug intake by relieving pain, reducing the chances of addiction.
  • Users can alter between different settings to maximize comfort.

The Top Tips to Keep in Mind

  • During application, do note that avoiding the eye area and near the neck is important.
  • Cancer patients, pregnant women, and heart patients need to avoid their use.
  • To ensure that you do not over-exert yourself.

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Here are some general answers to questions that are asked by users.

  • How long should you use a TENS unit at a time?

The TENS machine can be used for as long as desired, typically 30 minutes up to 2 hours, several times a day if needed.

  • Does a TENS unit really work?

Yes, if you are looking to deal with your back pain, or sore muscles, it is one of the easier and more effective options out there.

  • Does the Tens work for sciatica?

If you are suffering from knee problems for a while, or have pinched nerve feelings in your arm, the Tens unit can work great. You need to use it frequently, and you will be able to get temporary relief.

  • Does the Tens machine have side effects?

The tens machine has a few side effects. First, it can cause an allergic reaction to users from the adhesive pads. And if the current level is not controlled it can be discomforting. Other than these there are minute side-effects if not used properly.

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Why is it Good?

# Unwinding stressed muscles in pain management is important. Stimulation releases endorphins inside the body, reclining your muscles.

# This device interprets nerve signals and reduces muscular tension. With good quality adhesive, the pad application process is easy, allowing users to relax. Diverse sizes make them more suitable for different areas.

# The main focus of a tens unit is to cut pain and maximize comfort. With all its therapeutic advantages, it is a very high-quality product.

# The product has good battery life and comes with an LCD display. To reduce pain, it has 16 predefined other than manual intensity settings.

# It cures chronic pain for a certain period, letting your muscles breathe. Other than a few minor side-effects the unit successfully alleviates discomfort. Use this pack to find comfort at any place, any time.

# With 5-star ratings and great feedback from customers, proving its reliability, it is an easy and cost-efficient alternative compared to its competitors.

# Offering customers instant pain relief and satisfaction, it is a good quality product which can release pain.

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