Top 5 Exercises To Make Your Body Fit and Healthy

Going to the Gym has proved to be frightening for many of us who wants to maintain a healthy and fit body. Athletes and serious exercisers have been doing this for years, this is why they do not seem intimidated by gym but even they faced serious difficulties in the beginning. But challenges are fun, aren’t they?

It is not necessary for you to spend 3 hours in the gym regularly to get a fit body. Just running on the treadmill and using a few weight machines can suffice. What matters here is the form of exercise. The way you perform matters more than what you perform.

Obviously, the impacts of exercise vary according to different metabolisms and health of the participants. It is important for the person to look at certain health factors before pursuing a new gym program. Nevertheless, here are top 5 exercises that can ensure a fit and healthy body. Have a look.


Walking is the simplest exercise you can ever come across but it is unimaginably powerful. It can help you to stay slim, improve cholesterol levels, fortify your bones, keep blood pressure levels in check, and improve your mood and lower risk for a number of diseases like heart attacks, diabetes and much more. It is even associated with improving your memory and reducing glaucoma risk.

To effectively perform this exercise, all you need is a well-fitted shoe. Start with walking 10 to 15 minutes regularly and then increase your time as you progress.

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Doing squats can burn your calories amazingly. Squats are an exercise which consists of an up and down motion of body resembling the motion of getting out of the chair. Some trainers suggest that person trying squats for the first time can practice by getting up and down from the chair. Incorporating squats in your daily routine can be of essential benefit to your health. If you are a regular trainer, then using barbells or holding dumbbells in your hands can be good for enhancing your strength. You can use bodyweight squats if you are training for endurance.


Swimming is another simple exercise that any layman can perform without any difficulty. We are pretty aware of the benefits this amazing exercise offers which involves movement of our complete body. It is unquestionably called the perfect workout one can perform. The force of the water supports your body to remove the pain from joints so you can move them with more ease. Researches have even proved that swimming can be good for your mental health. It is an excellent mood stimulator which increases level of happiness eliminating the stress we incur in our daily routine. Water aerobics is also another good option that can be considered. Swimming classes can help you tone up your body and burn calories.

Other benefits of swimming include improving your posture, balance, and flexibility. It even regulates your cholesterol levels. It also increases longevity and helps you control appetite.


There are many kinds of push-ups that you can do but at very basic level, standard push-ups are the classic exercise that can strengthen your upper body which includes shoulders, triceps, and chest. It even fortifies your core abdominal muscles. You just have to spread your fully extended arms with your hands against an immovable object. Then bend your elbows until the chest touches the edge of that object allowing your toes to bend and keeping your back and legs in a straight line. After that, push your body away from the object until your arms are fully extended. As you get used to this exercise, use lower stationary objects which might cause you difficulty in working out but will be more effective.

The plank

This exercise is supposed to tighten your deepest core muscles. It is a static exercise where your arms are used to raise yourself off the floor holding your whole body straight and stringent like a plank of wood improving rigidity. You can do this anywhere as no equipment is used and even consumes no time. It has proved to be more effective than crunches and sit-ups.

The basic plank can be done by beginning on elbows and knees locking your hands together. Keep your legs straight and raise your body so that you are stabilized by the balls of your feet. Face the floor and hold your position for about a minute firmly. Extend the time as you get stronger.


Make sure that you are healthy enough before engaging in these exercises. Even before starting them, look over your diet plan which is a prerequisite to fit and healthy body. You can consult dieticians and doctors about good diet plans which may suit your body. Having a balanced diet and exercising on regular basis can keep you fit.

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